Artist Alley

Artist Alley includes the best from all genres. Past exhibitors have included many of today’s leading artists, illustrators and creators of comics, games, graphic novels, and books, showcasing original artwork. 

Located on the Exhibit Floor, included with Exhibit Space:

  • One skirted table
  • Two Chairs
  • Backwall Drape in a carpeted area
  • ID Sign
  • Two Exhibitor Badges 

To participate:

Participants provide ALA with an original piece of donated artwork to be used in the Artist Alley Silent Auction in exchange for a free table exhibit space. All submissions are reviewed and entries will be notified in April. Artist Alley Application site. Deadline: April 4, 2019.

Artist Alley Submission Site

Participants will provide ALA with a framed original piece 8x10 or 11x17 of art on canvas or cardstock (by the applying artist) that is library, reading, literacy themed or appropriate in a library setting to be used in the Artist Alley Silent Auction. The Silent Auction raises funds for ALA scholarships and grants. 

Participants may not submit if they have previously participated for three or more consecutive years with at least two years since they have last participated. Note that there is no table sharing unless the work is a verified collaboration, this will be decided on a case by case basis. 

Artist Alley is limited to 30 participants. Those not selected can participate in a paid space consisting of a 4' skirted table in the Artist Alley area for a discounted rate. These additional paid spaces are limited. 

NOTE: ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE REVIEWED. Art deemed to contain adult material will not be accepted. Submission does not guarantee a table. 

Please fill out this application completing all sections. Artist Alley Application site

Please visit the site above for additional details and to submit your application by April 4, 2019.

Questions on Artist Alley submissions? Contact Alee Navarro