Request for Hanging Sign Approval

A Hanging Sign is defined as an exhibit component suspended from the ceiling above or displayed on an exhibit cross-aisle header for the purpose of displaying graphics or identification.

Peninsula, Island and Cross-Aisle Booth Configurations are the only booths that are permitted to display a hanging sign. Hanging identification signs and graphics will be permitted to a maximum height of corresponding booth configuration regulations, provided written approval is received from exposition management.

Show Management is requiring that all companies wanting to have a Hanging Sign MUST submit a structural drawing, regardless of whether the hanging sign has been used in past shows. All drawings MUST note booth size and structure height. Show Management will review all drawings, and a copy of the drawings will be kept on file.

Click here for the Request for Hanging Sign Approval form. If you plan on having a hanging sign, please fax this form to 630/560-5638 by May 8, 2019. Structural drawings are due to Show Management by May 17, 2019.

Please note, this form does NOT cover structural approval. This form is only to request approval to have a hanging sign from show management to meet ALA rules. All exhibitors who obtain approval to have a hanging sign from show management MUST check with the convention center and Official Contractor to adhere to all structural integrity guidelines and obtain approvals. Please review "Labor and Equipment" information in the exhibitor manual to order hanging sign labor.