Sound Garden Pavilion

The Sound Garden and “Live from the 25” Podcast Booth.

This feature area of the exhibit floor will be the place for sound experiences. One area of the space will feature a listening lounge….kiosks by genre featuring the first chapter of exhibitors audio books. Another set of kiosks will offer exposure to a wide range of publishing and book related podcasts. “Live from the 25” is a semi-soundproof recording booth for featured interviewers the chance to record a short podcast with an author picked from the exhibits. The last area of the space will feature indie and emerging audio publishers with their newest titles.

There are several opportunities for your participation:

  1. Live recording from the podcast booth
  2. Exhibit with a Sound Garden Pavilion kiosk
  3. Feature your publisher's / author's podcast in kiosks 
  4. Feature the first chapter of your new audio book(s) in kiosks

All submissions are now closed.