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Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

10:00am - 10:50am (Mostly) Vegetarian Recipes That Explode with Flavor
11:00am - 11:50am Say Dairy-Free Cheese! Indulge in the pleasure of cheese, no matter what your dietary restrictions are.
11:30am - 12:20pmCelebrate 20 Years of America's Test Kitchen


12:30pm - 1:20pmEast vs West, Why the Debate?


1:30pm - 2:20pmThe Peached Tortilla: Modern Asian Comfort Food from Tokyo to Texas


2:30pm - 3:20pm

5-Ingredient Vegan





Saturday, June 22

Celebrate 20 Years of America's Test Kitchen
Publisher: Penguin Random House

Celebrate twenty years of tips and best practices from the professionals at America's Test Kitchen. There will be time for Q&A, so come with the question you have always wanted to ask Julia Colin Davison!

East VS West, Why the Debate?
Publisher: The Quarto Group

Are you a fan of eastern or western-style barbecue? That seemingly harmless question has started heated conversations between North Carolinians since barbecue was thrust to the forefront of our culinary culture centuries ago.

Join Pitmaster Matthew Register as he shares one of the South's most divisive dishes by way of his new cookbook, Southern Smoke: Barbecue, Traditions and Treasured Recipes Reimagined for Today.

The Peached Tortilla: Modern Asian Comfort Food from Tokyo to Texas
Publisher: Sterling Publishing

Eric Silverstein, whose restaurant, The Peached Tortilla, was singled out by The New York Times as "One of the Five Places to Go in Austin", shares ideas & recipes for delicious, soul-satisfying Asian street food ... with a modern Southern and Southwestern twist! 

5-Ingredient Vegan
Publisher: Sterling Publishing

Make fast, fun, and delicious vegan meals at home using just five ingredients per dish!  Vegan expert Nava Atlas has created super simple plant-based recipes that incorporate fresh produce, good-quality canned and frozen foods, whole grains, and timesaving off-the-shelf prepared sauces. 

Sunday, June 23

(Mostly) Vegetarian Recipes That Explode with Flavor
Publisher: Workman Publishing/ Workman

Boom! Plant-based eating just got a hit of bold, savory flavor! In Umami Bomb, Raquel Pelzel brings the deep flavor of umami (the "fifth taste," along with bitter, sour, sweet, and salty) to vegetarian dishes with cheeses, miso, mushrooms, soy, and more.

Buttermilk Graffiti: Join Chef Edward Lee to Discover What It Means to Cook and Eat American Cuisine
Publisher: Workman Publishing/ Workman

Finally, anyone embracing a dairy-free lifestyle can make and enjoy the savory goodness of cheese in one hour or less. Claudia Lucero shows how to make delicious plant-based cheeses using your choice of seeds, nuts, and vegetables to achieve rich flavor and creamy texture.