I'm Interested in Advocacy

From everyday advocacy with library users to state and national legislation, learn how library professionals make our voices heard and champion our work.

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Grassroots Advocacy and Librarians: Using Research Power to Make Change
Saturday 1:00 PM - 2:00PM
How does grassroots lobbying work? How can academic librarians help people and organizations find the information they need to effectively advocate and influence at all levels of government? Panel experts will discuss the mechanics/logistics of organizing and grassroots lobbying and how libraries provide the resources and services necessary to effectively make a case to government officials and agencies. 

Make the Largest Generation of Library Users Your Best Advocates
Saturday 2:30PM - 3:30PM
Learn how to attract Millennials to your Friends group by moving beyond traditional fundraisers, and turn the largest generation of library users into your best advocates. This session will guide your organization in how to provide meaningful advocacy to governing agencies, and equip your volunteers to understand the ins and outs of library operations. 

Take the Lead! Librarians Can Build the Confidence to Command Leadership Roles, Drive Community Action and Equity, Advance Library Relevancy, and Win Funding for Key Projects.
Saturday 2:30- 3:30
Stop knocking on the back door of major institutions, begging for admittance to community meetings, and hoping for the crumbs in the bottom of the community purse! You can confidently take your rightful place as a community leader with the skills to drive community success! 


Amplify Your Voice: Advocacy in the workplace
Sunday 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Driven by a commitment to public service and a motivation to make a difference, public sector library workers are often restricted from voicing their viewpoints simply because they work for a government entity or a public institution. How can library workers navigate the restrictions on their First Amendment rights, have their voices heard, and offer solutions that will benefit our communities? 


The Who, What, and Why of ALA’s Policy Corps
Monday 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Net neutrality. Copyright and licensing. Privacy and cybersecurity. Access to government information. School libraries. These issues are critical to the library profession and involve specialized knowledge. How can the library field make progress on these policy issues? And who will make this progress? 

Federal Regulations and Libraries: Commenting and Advocating from an Academic Library Perspective
Monday 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Federal policy and regulations have always had an intersection with academia, but the nexus between public policy and academic concerns and interests that relate to libraries and our constituents is becoming more and more common as academic researchers and scientists contribute to bodies of research that help the government make these policies. In order to be more aware about how to become a part of this democratic process, in this session attendees will learn about how the federal regulatory process works, the types of responses that are most valued, successes and challenges that are common when crafting comments, and some of the key consultative players. 

Tattoos and Academies: New Ways to Create Donors and Advocates
Monday 10:30- 11:30
Come learn about some new and exciting ways to turn your community into advocates and donors. Denver Public Library (DPL) successfully experimented with a traditional "Citizens' Academy" utilized in other sectors and a not so traditional tattoo fundraiser.