I'm Interested in Buildings and Spaces

Communities have a strong connection to the library as place. But the nature of our work and collections and the needs of our users are changing. Hear how libraries are rethinking buildings and spaces at these sessions.

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Seating Use Analysis for Library Renovation Planning
Saturday 9:00AM - 10:00AM
After three years of utilizing a paper-based seating use analysis, the Humboldt State University Library hired three computer science students to develop a free open source program. Developing SpaceUse as a touchscreen device that helps gather data about seating, computer and furniture use at the library, and to visualize the data, is integral to planning renovations and small furniture changes at Humboldt State University Library. This program provides an opportunity to learn how the details about how use averages, peak use, thresholds, and patterns of furniture moves help libraries plan for a future of continual improvement. 

Launching and Maintaining a Library After-School Space for Grades 6-12
Saturday 1:00PM - 2:00PM
Your library is near a middle school or high school and every day you dread the afternoon rush. You would like to give the teens a chance to hang out, but they have too much energy from sitting in school and they can't manage a noise level appropriate for your library. Whether you're looking to build or reinvent an existing teen space, this program will help you generate ideas on how to redirect after-school library traffic into a successful program that creates a better environment for teens, staff and other library users. 

Growing Communities Together: Libraries and Gardens
Saturday 2:30PM - 3:30PM
Curious about the green things outside the library's windows? Or are you craving green things outside the library's windows? Find out more about how libraries are are embracing gardens. Are you interested in LEED certification or just making your library more sustainable? Does your local food pantry need fresh produce? Are the children in the children's room getting antsy? Are your teens bored? Does your ESL class need a focus? Do your students need a break? Or a hands-on science activity? Gardens are the answer. 


BESt Top Picks in Library Furniture and Equipment: An Overview of the Tried and True
Sunday 1:00PM - 2:00PM
An Overview of the “BESts” in Library Furniture & Equipment featuring both new products, as well as, the tried and true classics; including best seating, display/shelving, tables, and accessories. Library administrators (public and academic) and architects will highlight products that they have successfully used in the field from each of their unique perspectives. 

Libraries+: Innovative Examples of a Transformative Trend
Sunday 2:30PM - 3:30PM
Co-locating libraries with other spaces is nothing new, but libraries are increasingly and innovatively locating inside structures built for other purposes, welcoming other organizations into library spaces, or designing dedicated spaces with other organizations. This trend, which we dub Libraries+, is helping to meet challenges in funding and changes in user expectations and demographic trends. 

Going Deskless: Moving from Fort Reference to Point-of-Need Service
Sunday 2:30PM - 3:30PM
In libraries, we've talked for years about getting rid of the reference desk. What if we took it one step further, and got rid of the desk altogether? Join us for a hands-on workshop on how we did just that at the Hillsboro (OR) Public Library, moving to a fully roving model, with changes led by staff at each point along the way. 


Three Takes on Transforming Spaces and Services for Student Success in the Library and Across Campus
Monday 9:00AM - 10:00AM
How is your library part of the campus conversation regarding student success? This panel will look at how three different institutions have been implementing services and spaces for student support and learning –- across the campus and within the library. American University has looked broadly at this topic through their RiSE (Reinventing the Student Experience) initiative to address the needs of their dramatically changing student body and to foster inclusion, retention, and academic success. Barnard College and Hunter College have designed new libraries to transform opportunities to support student success and offer expanded modes of research and learning. 

A Library Seating Census: Gathering Seating Occupancy Data in an Academic Library to Reveal Furniture Type Preferences and Inform Future Planning
Monday 1:00PM - 2:00PM
A census was taken in public seating areas of the John C. Hitt Library, University of Central Florida, over three months in July, August and September of 2018. The purpose was to discover answers to the following questions, and more generally to inform future space planning: (1) Number of “quiet” zone seats occupied vs. “non- quiet”; (2) Multi-seat study table utilization; (3) Group study room seat utilization; (4) Utilization of workstations with desktop personal computers; (5) furniture type utilization in general. 

If We Build It, Will They Come? The Role of Technology in Library Redesign and Renovation
Monday 2:30PM - 3:30PM
This dynamic discussion session will focus on the challenges and opportunities technology presents during library redesign and renovation. How are emerging technologies being incorporated into new or existing spaces? What technologies have made your redesign process easier? Join us to share your problems, solutions, or questions. Use #etsreftalk on Twitter to join the conversation during this session.